How to have a skincare routine adapted to your skin type


As I said before, each skin type has its own needs. That’s why your routine should really be adapted to you. I personally have a combination skin. You can see my morning skincare routine here !

First, read my guide to know which skin type is yours.

10 basic tips for everyone

  • Drink enough water
  • Eat healthy
  • Never wear makeup to bed
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Do not smoke
  • Wash your hands before touching your face
  • Clean your phone’s screen often
  • Change pillowcase each week
  • Do not touch your pimples
  • Clean your makeup brushes weekly


The most important thing for a dry skin is moisture. First of all, you should keep the natural oils produced by your body. In order to do it, you should avoid using harsh soaps/cleanser/scrubs. I would recommend using a mild, soothing cleanser like Herbalife Skin Aloe Cleanser (you can find it here). Also, avoid taking very hot and long baths or showers.

You can remove dead cells and skin particles by using scrubs. It is a good idea to have a smoother skin but remember to be very gentle. Use a mild scrub and don’t do it more than 1-2 times per week. Remember to use a clean towel to dry your face ; and always pat it dry : do not rub !

Dry air can also cause dry skin. Using a humidifier could be a solution for a better skin.

You should never skip on moisturizer ; night and day ! You can use a richer product at night. Moisturizing masks and oil serums can also be a good help.


Just because you have a normal skin type doesn’t mean you should not take care of it.

Cleanse your face once or twice a day (I personally prefer cleansing at night to wash all makeup residues). A toner is a good product to prepare your skin for creams and serums.

You should use a moisturizing cream or serumday and night and a special cream for the eye area. You can use moisturizing and purifying masks and scrubs weekly.

Never go to bed without taking your makeup off. Always be gentle when you use scrubs, use clean towels and don’t rub when you dry your face : always pat dry.


Usually the best solution for combination skin is to divide your face by types and use different products for each area. For example, if your T-zone is oily and your cheeks are very dry, you should use one product on the T-zone and one on the cheeks. If the difference is not too big, you might just consider using the same all over your face. I have combination skin but normal cheeks so I use products for normal to oily skin in general.

Toner is going to be your best friend because it restores your skin’s pH. It’s a nice way to try to balance your skin type. Use it after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Combination skins are prone to blackheads on the T-Zone and dryness on the cheeks. That’s why scrubs are going to be your allies as well. They will clean your face deeper, removing all impurities like blackheads but also removing dry skin and dead cells. Always be gentle when you use them, though. You can also find an exfoliating cleanser like mine, so you can gently scrub your face daily and still respect it.

Dividing your face when you use masks can be a great idea. You can use a purifying mask (like the Herbalife Mint Clay Mask that I love) on your T-zone and simultaneously a moisturizing and/or soothing mask on your cheeks (I am still looking for THE One so if you have any recommendations !).


The key point of taking care of oily skins is sebum. If you have oily skin, it means your face produces more sebum than a normal skin type person. To achieve a better skin, you have to cleanse it no more than twice a day. It sounds natural to want to wash your face so that the oil goes away, but when you do that your skin produces even more sebum, resulting in an even more oily skin. But it is still important to do it to avoid impurities being trapped in your pores and therefore avoid pimples and blackheads.

As I said before, do not skip on moisturizer ! Your face can be oily and dehydrated so you need to moisturize it night and day like any other skin type. Just pick a lighter cream.

Sometimes, oily skin is caused by an unhealthy diet. Try to drink more water, avoid soda and fat/junk food. You might see a difference. Sometimes it’s only linked to genetics and hormones, in which case you cannot really do anything.

Try to use oil-free and non-comedogen products and cosmetics as well. And do nottouch your pimples ! They would heal slower and it might “contaminate” other parts of your face.

Using purifying face masks (like this one) can be a great way to cleanyour face deeper and also reduce sebum. Don’t over-use them though, otherwise you skin will become irritated.

Was this guide helpful for you ? What’s your skincare routine and favorite products ?❣

(I am not a professional and these are tips that I discovered over time. Consult a dermatologist for more serious skin issues.)
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How to determine your skin type

Towel portraitSkincare is not always that easy. You might have bought very expensive products but noticed that they don’t work on you. Pretty annoying, right ? Well that does not mean for sure that those products are bad. Maybe they are just not adapted to your skin type. You should consider knowing which skin type is yours first and then you will be able to look for the right products for you. Each skin type has its very own needs and that’s why not all products work the same on everyone. If after considering these things your products still don’t work, then maybe they are not that good…

So now you’ll be wondering : what’s my skin type then ? Here is a little guide to find it.

Also remember that skin types can change over time based on your age, lifestyle and other factors such as the seasons.


A dry skin produces less sebum than normal skin. You have a dry skin if :

  • It cracks or peels
  • It’s itchy, irritated
  • You have rednesses
  • You have a dull complexion
  • It’s not elastic and feels very tight
  • You have premature wrinkles
  • Your pores are invisible


A normal skin is basically a well-balanced skin. T-zone may be a bit oily, but not too much. You have a normal skin if :

  • It has a velvety, smooth texture
  • You have a good blood circulation
  • You do not have many blemishes
  • Your pores are barely visible
  • You have a fresh, radiant complexion
  • It’s not very sensitive
  • It’s not excessively shining nor cracking


A combination skin features two or more skin types on the face. It is the most common skin type. You have a combination skin if :

  • Your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) is oily, shines
  • On this zone, your pores are larger
  • You also have blackheads in that area
  • Your cheeks are normal or dry


An oily skin is a skin type that produces too much sebum all over the face. Oily face is more likely to lead to acne. You have an oily skin if :

  • Your pores are clearly visible
  • It shines everywhere
  • You have blackheads, whiteheads and/or other blemishes
  • Your complexion is thick
  • Your makeup slides off easily

Now that we are clear on our skin type, there are still some important facts to know before I tell you how to take care of it.

One of the biggest mistake we make when we have an oily skin is to think that we should not moisturize it and basically “let it dry” and hope that it will become normal. It is a very big mistake ! The skin type and its hydratation level are not connected. It seems obvious that a dry skin is dehydrated but oily skin can also be dehydrated. So please keep that in mind and don’t skip on moisturizer !

If you’re still not sure about your skin type, you can find many tests online. I recommend using those from the skincare brands’ websites.

Now that you know your skin type, click here to see how to take care of it.

(I am not a professional and these are tips that I discovered over time. Consult a dermatologist for more serious skin issues.)

My quick morning skincare routine

Layout Herbalife Skin

Although I love taking care of myself and, therefore, my skin, I don’t want my skincare routine to be a burden. I am part of those who prefer to sleep longer and take less time to prepare in the morning. However, that doesn’t mean that you should skip on taking care of your skin.

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times : it is very important to do it on a daily basis. It will help you to avoid pimples, wrinkles, protect your skin from the sun, pollution, even makeup ! That will result on a more healthy flawless skin.

Another very important thing is to consider your skin type. A product will work differently on each person. Also remember that having an oily skin doesn’t mean it’s moisturized. See my articles about skin types and how to take care of each.

Personally, my skin is combination type but also pretty dehydrated. It gets a bit oily on the T-zone but when I cleanse it it gets very tight and absorbs any cream I put after to moisturize.

So, let’s go to what you’ve been waiting for : my morning skincare routine products ! As I said, I like a short, easy but efficient routine. That’s why I have been using the Herbalife skin range for many years. It is paraben and sulfates free and tested by dermatologists. It has vitamins B3, E and C plus many oils which are never bad for you. Also, I find the packaging very elegant and practical.

Step 1 : Cleanse – Citrus Cleanser

Citrus Cleanser Herbalife Skin

A cleanser will wash your pores from any “dirt” that could be inside : makeup leftovers, pollution, etc… That way, the products that you will apply later will be able to penetrate easily.

There are two cleanser in the Herbalife Skin range : one for dry to normal skin and one for oily to normal skin. I obviously use the one for oily skins. It has a citrus scent that I personally find a bit too strong. It has a nice gel texture that foams when you use it. They added jojoba beads for a little scrub.

I use this cleanser with my Panasonic electric face brush. After that, my skin is radiant : you really see that it is clean. As I said, mine also gets pretty tight (meaning : dehydrated).

Step 2 : Toner – Energizing Herbal Toner

Tonic Spray Herbalife Skin

A toner will prepare your skin for the serum/moisturizer. It shrinks your pores and further cleanse them. It also restores your skin’s pH balance.

Herbalife Skin Toner is suitable for all skin types. It also has a citrus scent but this one is very pleasant and refreshing. You can use it to freshen up your face on a hot day.

I spray it all over my face, leave on for a minute and then wipe the rest with a cotton pad. You can see the last residues on the cotton pad. Your face feels very fresh.

Step 3 : Eyes – Hydrating Eye Cream

Eye cream Herbalife Skin

It is important to have a specific cream/gel for your eyes because it is a more delicate area of the face.

This cream will help to moisturize the eye area and firm it up. It is enhanced with cucumber which makes dark circles and puffiness decrease. It has very refreshing smell of cucumber.

Step 4 : Moisturize – Protective Moisturizer SPF 30

Day cream Herbalife Skin

To achieve that glowing and soft skin you have to moisturize it daily. It will prevent wrinkles later on and protect your face from the sun if it has an SPF.

Herbalife Skin SPF Moisturizer is a light cream that is also enhanced with many oils (macadamia, olive, sesame seeds…). Its smell is also very pleasant, a bit tropical. It has a light cream texture, a bit liquid, that penetrates easily. You don’t need too much product so it’s also economic. The packaging allows you to really finish everything that is inside the bottle.

They also have a great glowing version without SPF 30.

Step 5 : Bonus – Mask/Scrub

Mint Clay Mask and Berry Scrub Herbalife Skin

Berry Scrub

Every once in a while, your face needs you to clean it deeper. A scrub will exfoliate your skin and remove old skin cells. After that, you face will really be glowing !

I adore the smell of this blueberry seeds scrub. You really want to eat it ! I personally use it once a week but you can use it up to three times a week. I find it very efficient. People usually notice that my skin is radiant after I used it.

Purifying Mint Clay Mask

This mask will clean your face deeper and absorb sebum. Your skin will be smoother and radiant.

It has a mint and rosemary scent. The texture is very creamy which is very pleasant. It does not dry too much. I use it once a week and  I also see the effects immediately.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin after masks and scrubs. Otherwise, it will be irritated.

You can get these products on this website ! Have you ever tried them ? What’s your skincare routine ?❣

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Find your straw bag

We’ve been seeing a lot of accessories made of straw this season : hats, bags and even other accessories. Sometimes, when you have many choices it’s hard to know which one to choose. That’s why I decided to pick several bags for all budgets. You will find many different styles : raffia, straw, wood, sometimes mixed with leather and other decorations such as pompoms or embroidery. I hope you will find yours !


1.  Bershka raphia bag, 17,49

2. Zara mini wooden bag, 29,95€

3. Zara tote with wooden handles, 29,95€

4. Zara wooden cross-body bag, 39,95€

5. Straw structured cross-body bag, $49

6. Cult Gaia’s Ark (Chestnut), $138-$178


7. Sensi Studio pompom straw bag, $360 $180

8. Wicker Wings Timing Tote, 282,80€

9. Chloé Nile raffia and leather cross-body bag, $2150 $1290

10. Chloé Pixie raffia and leather cross-body bag, $2590 $1830

11. The Row Inrou wooden bag, $1850

12. Fendi Kan I embroidered raffia and leather shoulder bag, $3400

Which one is your favorite ? I personally have a crush on the Cult Gaia one (especially in the Tortoiseshell acrylic version, it’s one of my dream bags). I also love the Chloe Nile and The Row. And I’m the happy owner of the Zara mini wooden bag ! It is such a cute and elegant bag that I was given by my other half. ❣

If you want to get inspirations on how to wear this kind of bags, go check this article in which I share with you my 10 favorite Instagram accounts !
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